Has Infidelity Brought Turmoil To Your Relationship? 

Did you or your partner take part in a betrayal, such as a physical or emotional affair? Or maybe one of you lied, kept important secrets or manipulated the other. Ever since the truth came out, have you felt distant from your partner and unable to regain the connection you once shared? Perhaps you wish you could go back and change what happened or wonder if you and your partner will ever be able to recover. It’s possible that you and your partner have temporarily separated in order to calm your emotions and figure out your next steps, but you are still feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. Are you worried that the burden of past infidelity will always weigh heavily on your partnership? Do you wish you could rebuild trust in your relationship in order to reconnect and create a safe, loving and resilient bond?

After the discovery of an affair, infidelity or other betrayal, both you and your partner may experience a range of intense emotions each day. If your partner was the one who broke your trust, you may feel like the foundation of your loving relationship has been pulled from under your feet. At work or as you try to fulfill your daily responsibilities, your mind may race, wondering whether you will ever be able to feel secure in your partnership again. Even though you may feel preoccupied by thoughts about your partner, you may be also pushing him or her away emotionally, distancing yourself in order to avoid painful feelings.

If you were the one who engaged in infidelity, you may be struggling to make up for your mistakes every day. You may constantly think of ways to heal the pain you have caused to your relationship. Your attempts to reach out with acts of kindness and apologies might only seem to make things worse. When you and your partner spend time together, you may sense a deep tension between the two of you, causing you to wish that you could go back in time to fix what you did. Perhaps you just don’t know how to reconnect with your partner and move forward in your life together.

It’s Common To Feel Overwhelmed In Your Relationship After An Infidelity

Relationships are built on a foundation of trust, and when that trust is broken, it’s very common to feel like your connection with the person you love most is in jeopardy. It is also quite common for partners who have discovered an affair or another infidelity to experience trauma or a dramatic loss of self-esteem. When this trauma goes unresolved within a partnership or when one partner does not address his or her overwhelming negative self-talk, it is nearly impossible to rebuild the foundation of a romantic bond.

Even though infidelity is not a new concept in the relationship world, modern technology may be contributing to an increase in physical and emotional relationship betrayals. Hookup apps, pornography and social media are widely and immediately available, making it easier for individuals to engage sexually or emotionally with complete strangers or past flings. While this does not serve as an excuse for an affair, it may explain why so many couples are dealing with infidelity today.

The good news is that with the help of a well-trained therapist, you and your partner have the opportunity to heal and rebuild your bond together.

Gain Support And Understanding Through Infidelity Counseling

During safe and open infidelity therapy sessions, you and your partner will work with one of our Relationship Counseling Center of Austin therapists in order to rebuild the trust and respect in your relationship and ultimately heal the emotional wounds caused by betrayal. Our sessions will be tailored to your partnership, allowing you both to emotionally open up and express your needs in a safe, supportive environment.

One of the main components of affair recovery sessions is working together to reestablish trust in your relationship. If you or your partner demonstrates signs of trauma from discovering a betrayal, your therapist will focus on healing this past pain and boosting the betrayed partner’s self-esteem so the two of you can feel safe, calm and confident moving forward. Your therapist will also show you ways to work together to build a pattern of transparency and emotional honesty that can broaden mutual understanding, acceptance and support.


Infidelity therapy can also help the two of you examine the time leading up to the infidelity, possibly identifying external stress or a growing emotional distance that may have damaged your bond. For example, you and your partner may have been struggling with financial stress related to a job loss, causing repeated arguments and increasing strain. If your relationship was suffering from previous tension, your therapist can teach you communication techniques to help you both slow down your disagreements and actively listen to each other’s point of view. By implementing a strengthened communication pattern, you and your partner can feel more heard, understood and loved in your relationship moving forward, which can be especially powerful as you work to repair your bond.

The well-trained therapists at Relationship Counseling Center of Austin have helped couples in various relationship stages reconnect and build resilient connections. While you and your partner may feel overwhelmed by the pain infidelity has caused your relationship, the truth is that the two of you can rebuild a close, compassionate and rewarding bond with the guidance and support of affair counseling sessions.

You and your partner may be interested in infidelity counseling sessions, but you still have questions and concerns…

We are concerned about how much time and money we will spend on couples counseling…

Your investment in relationship therapy is invaluable to your relationship as well as you and your partner’s personal well-being. Healing after an affair or another betrayal does take time, but because infidelity can cause a lot of damage to your bond and your own happiness, peace and confidence, it is important to resolve your pain in a safe and professional environment. By seeking counseling soon after discovering a betrayal in your relationship, you can save yourself years of sadness—including the emotional and financial cost of a divorce.

To fit your budget, Relationship Counseling Center of Austin also offers a sliding scale fee for our sessions.

What if we can’t repair our relationship?

It’s common to worry that you and your partner will never be able to regain the love you once shared. However, the truth is that overcoming infidelity is possible, and more common than you may think. In fact, many couples who participate in couples therapy after infidelity often reconnect and find that their relationships are stronger than ever.

That said, after working together during counseling, you and your partner may decide that separation or divorce is your best option. In this case, your therapist can help you two separate amicably and find closure. Throughout the therapy process, both of you will have the chance to learn so much about yourselves—an awareness that can improve your relationships with your loved ones, friendships and potential future partners.

Can I participate in counseling for infidelity on my own?

You and your partner may be too upset to work in sessions together. Or perhaps, your partner does not want to attend sessions because he or she is worried about opening up. No matter your reasons for seeking counseling on your own, we can help. During individual therapy sessions, you can focus on your personal needs and determine the best way to move forward—either reconnecting with your partner or starting an amicable separation process. Even without your partner in sessions, you can still create fundamental changes in your relationship by reframing and modifying your own thoughts and behaviors. Our work together can greatly improve your emotional well-being and allow you to approach your relationship challenges in a calm and confident way.

Heal After Infidelity And Find Hope In Your Relationship

If you are ready to overcome the pain of infidelity and work to rebuild a strong foundation of trust, love and support in your relationship, please contact us to schedule a free in-person or phone consultation. We are happy to answer your questions, address your concerns and discuss how infidelity counseling can help you find healing and guidance.

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